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Working with a financial institution to mature an existing online presence

Helping to Cultivate a Real Estate's first online presence.

A New and more modern look for an existing e-commerce enabled application

Important News

New Corporate Look

We have launched a new website. This new website will be our Corporate appearance and the central focal point for information related to ongoing projects and services that we offer.

More Details to come

Database Manager Project

Microsoft's Enterprise Manager is an excellent Database Manager however the price attached to the 2k - 5k software is sometimes not always within the reach of everybody. It is our goal to create a cheap and affordable tool that lets you do common tasks with your database easily and quickly. It is also our goal to extend this functionality to as many databases as possible.

More Details to come

Discarding the old

With today's browsers finally supporting a wider range of CSS it is now possible to throw away our old habits and methods and leverage more power to create better websites. With the latest browsers such as Mozilla and Opera finally supporting standards that were in IE4, 5 and 6 it is now possible to create websites using pure CSS. This allows for developers to concentrate more on their content and less time on restructuring the layout each time they want. See what better separation of presentation and content can do for you

More Details to come

New Web Control Panel development announced

Web Control Panels allow companies to manage and secure multiple servers. They also allow for the managing of services and the delegation of this management to other users with a finer level of control for Administrators, Tech Support, Resellers and end clients. We have begun development on a new Hosting Control Panel for the Windows platform that will allow for developers to do exactly this.

More Details to come